Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Help of Allah for all Those in Hardship and Difficulty Dhikr

The Pray of Help Gathering Dhikr for Gaza

Moroccan Dua Nasiri and Qasida Munfarija will be recited

Sunday 17th August  2014 from 6.30 til maghrib

Zawiya Birmingham B10 0QH.

a Short Community Gathering invoking "The Help of Allah for all Those in Hardship and Difficulty" Dhikr

Khatm Quran
Recitation and translation of Dua Nasiri Qasida Munfarija
Salah Maghrib

Collection for Children of Gaza
brothers only gathering - (inshallah i will record it sisters)
to help us prepare please text 07522 522 632 if you are coming

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