Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Help of Allah for all Those in Hardship and Difficulty Dhikr

The Pray of Help Gathering Dhikr for Gaza

Moroccan Dua Nasiri and Qasida Munfarija will be recited

Sunday 17th August  2014 from 6.30 til maghrib

Zawiya Birmingham B10 0QH.

a Short Community Gathering invoking "The Help of Allah for all Those in Hardship and Difficulty" Dhikr

Khatm Quran
Recitation and translation of Dua Nasiri Qasida Munfarija
Salah Maghrib

Collection for Children of Gaza
brothers only gathering - (inshallah i will record it sisters)
to help us prepare please text 07522 522 632 if you are coming

Show your gratitude with monthly Sadaqah donations
Allah Loves more those who are thankful and give Constant a little
 The Sadaqah is going to create Online Courses and Naseeha services and more)

Give Sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of problems/calamities."(Tirmidhi). 
It says 70 problems that is one is shielded from 70 problems with just a small amount of sadaqah.

Saqaqah washes your sins away: "Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire." (Tirmidhi) "Sadaqah appeases-(To satisfy or relieve) the Lord’s anger and averts an evil death." (Tirmidhi)

Monday 12 May 2014

The Sacred Art of Sufism

The Sacred Art Of Sufism
Saturday, May 31 at 7:00pm
South Birmingham College Digbeth in Birmingham.
**Great Sufi master of Morocco will be attending**
Book Now limited spaces

To book your ticket please call 07407674897 or visit:

Adults £5:00
Students / OAP £4:00
Groups of 5 £22.50 (Save £5.25)
Groups of 10 £42.50 (save £13.70)
(All prices exclude a booking fee)

Thursday 24 April 2014

Very powerful dua for Help and Needs

 **Very powerful dua for Help and Needs, created by muhammad Sajad Ali**

As for the sufic dua ive created, the top Salawat is from Sayyidi Uwais Qarni then a line Hizbul Bahr of Imam Shadhili and then plea for help by Ghawth al Adhim Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani and a Sunnah dua for Distress and Difficulties and a line from "Mother of Supplications" by Shaykh `Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Daghestani and again ending dua lines from Shaykh Abdal Qadir Jilani.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Beginners Archery Course

Andalus Archers

Breaking News
Next Beginners Course date confirmed:
Saturday 22 February 2014 – 29 March 2014
Muath trust sports hall, Sparkbrook
8.30am – 10am
12 places available, first come first served.

contact: 07946 516721
Muslim Archery Competition
Saturday 29 March 2014
Woking Mosque (Shah Jahan)
Portsmouth Round
Categories: Men, Women, Youth
Organisers: Archery for All
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you
find all the information you require.
Our club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.wpid-IMG-20130716-WA0011.jpg
We currently have 7 coaches at various levels.
The aim is to ‘revive the Sunnah (prophetic practise) of archery’
in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

All members enjoy a very strong community orientated atmosphere
and ethos. This is reflected in our diverse club membership,
with members coming from all over the West Midlands,
and being from most ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

We have also been awarded the Community Specialism Club
status by the Archery GB Ontarget Programme
in June 2013. The next step is to attain
the Young People and Performance Specialisms, and the Sport
England Club Mark award.

We are a very open and friendly
club, with rapidly increasing membership.
We hope to produce regional, national,
and world class archers in the near future.

Please take a look around the rest of the website.
If you have any questions when you finish,
feel free to get in touch using the Contact Us page.

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