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Sufi healing Process through salawat and intentions

Sufi Healing Course Lesson
Positive Thinking and healing the soul effectively with results 
By Muhammad Sajad Ali "Sufi Synergy Healing Approach" -  instructor and founder

"Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy". ~ Rumi.

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Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

*Niyyah-intention has direction*
Know that niyyah-intention is energy and has a direction and movement and flow,  niyyah has a vibration or resonance or echoing  and  it maintains its momentum by  the level of intention from our souls and heart and when the words of a niyyah are said they travel and start to transform into action]

We make intentions when we pray or anything we do, but we forget that intention is an action or deed of its own and that all actions are judged by our niyyah- intentions and the degree of effect we put into that niyyah is what counts.  We have thoughts floating in our minds all the time and "Thoughts are energy" (unfocused energy) we have 70,000 thoughts-Khayal a day all which is creating energy and energy has a "physical substance" and only when we stop and focus into a floating thought do we create intentions-(focused energy) and through our intentions we create our actions.

So we can see that our intentions are focused energy which is power with direction. We can act on them or not they are either good or bad. Another way to look at them is positive or negative energies which affect our soul and hearts. Remember intentions are also counted as deeds/actions thus they must have a form or physical substance otherwise how can they be called deeds/action.

Many people just don't consciously consider their Niyyah-intention. When thoughts are focused upon they become Intentions which can then begin actions. The vibrations we send out when making intentions travels through the body and soul and it comes from our hearts. The more sincere--Sidq  our intention the bigger the impact of energy that is released and  it can travel through time and space and I have not even mention the action yet…
Example from Hizbul Bahr; Point .4 Upon reading (umurana-Make easy for our affairs/tasks) think in your heart deeply your need and task that you would like to made easy for you, maybe a job interview, maybe a marriage proposal, or financial  purpose, maybe some troublesome person is causing you issues in life or work. Thus put the object for which this dua-(meaning the Hizbul Bahr) is being read for in your heart and think about it, focus and  make niyyah when you say the word 'umurana-Make easy for our tasks' and simply place that task to be made easy into your heart, or picture it happening in your heart when you say the word umurana. 

*Inspiring to win or fulfil your needs through focused intention.
Focusing and Projecting one’s niyyah-intention: “When you deeply intend, yearn, desire, long, crave a task, goal or neediness, pause and take a long breath, and visualize its successful completion in your mind. Hold it tight and close to you, smile and be determined, centred, focused, aimed, targeted and be ambitious for that means to fulfil optimistically.  Push your energy thought pattern, attention span, effort, concentration, motivation, having a strong powerful driving ardent and Intense passion for that plea. Your thirst and hunger will grow for its vibrations expand and moves into the realms within your sub-conscious for its achievement.

Its force is fashioned and formed into dazzling lights that transforms into dreams, then feel the sensations emerging essence as its realization, nurture are developed around you. Then it becomes revealed, engraved and entwined in your spirit, wholehearted and unequivocally, that doesn't allow within you a remnant of doubt, uncertainty, negativity, hesitation to earn, or gain entry, or give it any merit, weight, or value that you slap and expel such notions from the onset, beginning and opening within you.”

*The Sufi Healing Process;
"Keep only repeating words and breaths of hopefulness, confidence, encouragement, self-assurance and successfulness." Know such a fervent and passionate (haa’jat -need becomes formed into an victorious effective dua-(prayer) that it's enough to change your Qadr-Destiny, that the “Pen of Time” re-writes your atoms and your surroundings, your very being and makes you triumph in your achievement to succeed by the vicissitudes of time insha’llah.  Tell yourself you can do this, you can do this, you can do this - insha’llah.

Say this dua: Ya Rasulillah (sallalu alahi was-salim) for the sake of 'part of your knowledge is the knowledge of the Lawh Mahfuz and the-(Qalam)-Pen' (line from Qasida Burdah) that the light of your eyes was your beloved wife Khatija for her sake be my wasilah, Ya Nuun wal Qalam, let my Qadr-destiny change and be Khayr and open the doors of success write for me that dua which I desire and make it happen through your favour with Allah.  (This dua came partly to me in Salah and it took from my soul and my energy and made tired from its power)

Through this dua-(pray) learn to unlock the ties of unwanted attachments, unwanted ropes of despair that tie you down, the unwarranted noose around your neck that feels it’s getting tight to live life, you need to break the chains of frustration of drowning and depression, we need to see hope and swim ashore to safety and comfort, so we start, afresh anew and so with the eastern formula Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem so breath deep within your frame, from your navel and say Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem and “release and break all bondage to all passes moments that have no value then or now and live a new life, breath totally from the air of peace and tranquillity,  So embrace the suffering of your destiny by turning misfortunes into blessings and bliss”.
*Dua-Turning misfortunes into Blessing and Bliss
How to see a problem and turn into a blessing and bliss, this hadith shows how to look at problems with positive attitude and If a servant of Allah is afflicted with a misfortune and says: ‘Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un, Allahumma ajirni fi musibati wa akhlif li khairan minha‘ (Verily we belong to Allah and truly to Him shall we return. O Allah! Protect me in this calamity that has befallen me and replace it with something better).  The secret of this dua is that Allah will accept one's  prayer, grant them reward for their affliction or suffering, and replace it with something better.

*Salawat Tibbi for healing
Allahumma salli 'ala sayyidina Muhammadin  tibbil-qulubi wa dawa'iha wa 'afiyaa-til 'abdaani wa shifaa'iha wa nuril-absaari wa dhiyaa'iha wa 'ala 'alihi wa sahbihi was-sallim.

O Allah convey Your Peace to our master Muhammad  and the family of Muhammad bless him, who is the medicine and remedy for our hearts,  the health and healing of our bodies, and the light and radiance of our eyes and bless his companions with peace.

The Name 'afw  implies that He ignores the sins of the servant. He knows the sins (you must know them before you can make 'afw of them) but He does not call the servant to account for it. The servant is deserving of punishment, and Allah has full ability to punish His servants, but Allah does 'afw for them. It is more than just pardoning or covering it up, it is wiping it away completely.

So it means or asking Allah, “to release us from the burden of punishment due to our sins and mistakes” and “to restore our honour after we have dishonoured ourselves by committing sins and making mistakes.

On a large scale afw becomes ‘aafiya’ and it applies to a life free from too much trouble and suffering as well as exemption from burdens Allah could impose but out of kindness did not. Hence we hear the Messenger of Allah  praying “Allahumma inni as-alukaal-‘afwa wal ‘afiyata fid dunya wal akhira" - O Allah, I ask You for pardon and well-being in this life and the next. 'Aafiyah is Allah's defence of His servant from things like disease and tribulation. 'Afu is the one who possesses great 'afw.

When people read salawat for healing they will on focus on the negative part in their minds which is wrong, you need to be positive and not entertain doubts again see the section (Focusing and Projecting one’s niyyah-intention) as above make a niyyah through the English meaning of the salawat to cleanse and heal yourself with a cure that is (completely and perfect) and this is the meaning of the word Salaam (peace and completely whole without damage or injury or pain) and salawat is bring the sense of Salaam through the energy of Nur-light being transmitted through you in a healing wave of this perfectly healing salawat thus detaching yourself of all unwarranted negative thoughts.

Cleanse the soul with Salawat as it cleanses the inner outer of the body and is a Medicine for the heart and brings illumination. The above well-known  salawat Tibbi is the way you re-program or detach yourself is by focusing on the positive solutions and remedies and what is more positive remedy or cure then salawat of curing the soul and body. And it’s about purging unwanted attention of useless thoughts that impact and impair the soul to de-function.  

Like bugs or viruses of a software making it limited or useful and that's need is Sufi Anti-viruses that cleans and quarantines the bugs of unwanted programs of life. Thus the best known and proved and stamped authorised and sufi Anti-viruses from Allah is Salawat and this one purges. To make it run effectively one needs to target thoughts and emotions focus on them and then read salawat and let them absorbed them with love and clean them from the inside.

So the core of the soul is lined with protection and is allowed to slowly heal. But its best to read with love for the sake of love yearning love this is the real thirst Remember when you read with yearning you suffering becomes bliss as our great master says “Be patient with destiny until suffering transforms into Bliss” – Shaykh Abadal Qadiri Jilani.

To make it run effectively one needs to target suffering or painful thoughts and emotions, focus on them and then read salawat and let them be absorbed with love and clean them from the inside. So the core of the soul is lined with protection and is allowed to slowly heal. Learn to flow and embrace your destiny and not fight it otherwise you will drown, “flow of abundant blessings in life is found in abundance of salawat”

*Flow of abundant blessings in life is found in abundance of salawat;

When one is fighting with the sorrow of their destiny,
They need to take a deep breath in and take a step back,
First tune yourself to spiritual development so address your current issues,
If there is inconsistency or a clash to the soul there is no flow of energy,
submit yourself fully know your weakness otherwise salawat won’t work,
Start, begin by purging yourself strike with arrow of fire aim high to the ego,
So now leave all destructive doubts, swim in sea of salawat be overwhelmed,
So make haste your tongue moist in abundance salawat for in there is a secret,
for “the flow of abundant blessings in life is found in abundance salawat”
no other worship is more loved or dear to Allah then his beloved is remembered.
(peace be upon him) oh Mercy of the worlds, please help me change my destiny
. Ameen
A question does a broken heart heal again.?
Allah breaks you in order that only He can heal you,  otherwise we will be too busy be in love with Dunya and won't ever care or want jannah-heaven. This is how the nafs-ego is made it needs to be starved from dunya-earth and fasting from things we love is the only medicine that trains the nafs-ego this is well known when it was created so Allah is making us fast from things we Love and sometimes its people we Love....oh sigh.

*Make the sea of Love your ibadah-worship*
You will only taste real ibadah-worship when drink from the sea of love so make love ibadah-worship, you only drink the secrets from the of Hizbul Bahr-(sea) when you emphasis and put special importance or value on the word (Sea-Bahr) "And subject to us the this sea- sakh-khartal bahra" will its effectiveness work and "Your presence in the pray-salah is dependent on your presence in your wudhu, the more presence you have in your wudhu the more presence you will have in your pray-salah" for (Wudhu is water the sea) and Wudhu is Nur-light, Wudhu is Ibadah it’s a separate act of ibadah-worship, and "YOU are the SEA", (man is 80% water) so look within yourself with love for effectiveness in ibadah for results. 
*Wudhu is Nur-light Wudhu is Ibadah it’s a seperate act of ibadah-worship*
Sidi Ahmad Zarruq ; Your presence in the pray-salah is dependent on your presence in your wudhu, the more presence you have in your wudhu the more presence you will have in your pray-salah". Wudhu is ibadah it’s a separate act of ibadah-worship. You can do wudhu just as a form of worship. If you are not doing any practices to prepare for prayer, you will probably not feel anything in prayer. Wudhu on top of Wudhu is "Nur ala Nur light-upon light" and it is sunnah to that.

Sidi Ahmed Zarruq says; "As for the bringing about effects with this invocation, it is commensurate with one's aim and aspiration that one has command of it to draw or repel, intending what is desired when one says 'And subject to us the this sea- sakh-khartal bahra"

It is commensurate-(degree) think about this point deeply, if you want a answered dua, it’s about the effectiveness and the result of reading the Hizb ul Bahr, meaning the amount or degree of one’s  energy that one puts into their Niyyah-intention and Himmah-yearning put into the niyyah, again focus on the words I’ve mentioned and taught to increase one’s energy in formulating a powerful niyyah-intention.

This is also the amount Sidq-sincerity or earnest put into it. Earnest, or seriousness, fixed determination, importance, eagerness; intentness. So one needs to read it with Earnestness to receive its secrets and this is true with any Dua or Wird or Award, it’s not just the words on the tongue its whose Heart is saying there words.

So “only through focused positive projected intention” is by the amount of  “degree of assistance or help-madaat or Nasr-victory” from Allah one will receive and hoping also the level of  Sidq-sincerity are one’s needs to put or pay attention-tawajjuh in their heart and turn their heart towards Allah through the grace of (their Shaykh if they have one) at the point when one reads 'wa sakh-khir lana ha-dhal bahr' meaning and 'subject to us this sea'. Is what is being mentioned by Sidi Ahmed Zarruq and is also applied with healing or any other dua or need.

*My advice to a sister to keep reading salawat*
"You need to focus only on what I’ve given and ignore everything else ideas and thoughts of negativity all must be ignored only  focus on hopeful thoughts  and positive thoughts are only allowed into your thoughts all else please ignore and delete and purge from yourself.

If you only keep listening and stop fighting and learn to love the salawat I’ve given and read it with love then love with come into your life and all will love you too, as you are tasting love now and soon more spiritual openings and blessings will happen soon in stages by stages."

Oh sister keep reading this short salawat nur (sal-lalla-hu alayka ya Nur) which is light and to ignore her problems and pains which dhulm-darkness. Know that salawat ala nabi is shifa and he (peace be upon him) is shifa-cure as he is a Mercy to the Universe and his Mercy includes being a cure and remedy for problems and sicknesses and us all Man or Jinn and animals and the worlds.

And this can only be benefitted by us by reciting salawat in abundance as Allah has ordered us and Allah and His angel's recite salawat and salaam why are we not doing so and drinking from this divine  heavenly source or power.

I hope it all makes sense to the senses and brings all doubts out and brings all meanings into the heart and opens deeper understanding why it’s a fardh and a beacon of hope that all we wish and desire and will save us and forgive our sins and make duas established  and "the flow of blessings in abundance comes from salawat in abundance".

Finally another process to heal - Help be show mercy show to others for in helping others you cure self and are Aid by Allah;

“The merciful are shown mercy by the All-Merciful. Have mercy to those on earth, and the Lord of the Heavens will have mercy upon you.” Hadith of Mercy (Rahma)

One who helps a fellow Muslim in removing his/her difficulty in this world;
The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:
“One who helps a fellow Muslim in removing his/her difficulty in this world, Allah will remove the former’s distress on the Day of Judgment. He who helps to remove the hardship of another, will have his difficulties removed by Allah in this world and in the Hereafter. One who covers the shortcomings of another Muslim, will have his faults covered up in this world and the next by Allah. Allah continues to help a servant so long as he goes on helping his own brother (or sister).”

What are kind words if not medicine,
what are poems if not solace for the heart,
it’s in times of great of sadness and stress,
that wise words bring comfort and rest,
worldly words help the body to cope,
heavenly words soothes the soul with hope, 
~ by Muhammad Sajad Ali

"Uns Foundation" – healing broken hearts
"Sufi Synergy Healing Approach" - instructor and founder  - By Muhammad Sajad Ali

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